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Music Notes

Styx & Foreigner to go on Tour

Styx and Foreigner will team up for the “Renegades & Juke Box Heroes Tour” of North America next summer, with special guest John Waite. Things kick off June 11 in Grand Rapids MI, and wrap up August 28 in Sioux Falls SD. The shows are a part of Foreigner’s current farewell tour. Tune into 101.7 The Point December 18-22 for a chance to win tickets to their Ruoff Music Center show scheduled for July 26th. Plus we'll have an extended Christmas Winning Weekend December 22-25th for an additional chance at winning!


KISS Announces... Virtual Band?

Kiss played the final shows of their seemingly endless “End of the Road” farewell tour in New York over the weekend. Then they promptly announced “Kiss 2.0”, a new, virtual version of the band, following in the footsteps of the hugely successful Abba Voyage show, in which the pop group perform as lifelike 3D projected avatars. Details are scarce at this point, but as Paul Stanley said to the audience, “The band will never stop”. 



In a podcast appearance, frontman John Rzeznik admitted: “I still hate the name of our band now. I wish we would’ve had 10 more minutes to find a cooler name.” The group quickly chose the name because they wanted stop calling themselves Sex Maggots (which started as a joke) — before a concert.

Last night, to celebrate the group’s final-ever live shows at Madison Square Garden (tonight and tomorrow nights) a music-to-light show happened on the world-famous Empire State Building, set to the song ‘Rock ad Roll All Night’. That’s where Kiss took one of their most iconic photos on the building’s 86th floor observation deck almost 50 years ago.

Pearl Jam Album To Release in 2024

Pearl Jam drummer Matt Cameron has confirmed their next album is completed. He said in a podcast appearance that the LP is “in the can, mastered, mixed, ready to go”, and he expects it to be released in 2024. The band used producer Andrew Watt, who also oversaw the latest Rolling Stones album, and has worked with Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, and Ozzy Osbourne.


Photo: Lugnuts

Cher says she walked out of the recording session for her #1 hit ‘Believe’ 25 years ago, because the song was “a mess”. Quote: “The only thing good…was the chorus, and [it] just was like, ‘Hold your breath and get through the verse.’” Later, the producer coaxed her into trying “a pitch machine.” That pitch machine was the Auto-Tune software that Believe pioneered, now standard practice for many stars.

This is Spinal Tap - Sequel?

Director Rob Reiner has confirmed that a sequel to 1984’s “This is Spinal Tap” will begin shooting next year. Returning as members of everyone’s favorite pathetic heavy metal band are stars Michael McKean, Christopher Guest and Harry Shearer, with appearances by Paul McCartney, Elton John and Garth Brooks. (Will they call it “Spinal Tap 2”, or “Spinal Tap 11”?)