Richmond's Classic Hits!
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Richmond's Classic Hits!

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If you have a phone, you have a radio!

Get yours now at the Google Play store or the App Store.  Just search 101.7 The Point!

Listen anywhere, anytime on your phone, send us requests and shout-outs, enjoy a custom Point alarm and more! We’re now as close as your back pocket, Richmond’s Classic Hits, 101.7 The Point!



Stream on Your Smart Speaker!


Stream 101.7 The Point with your Alexa!

If you have an Alexa smart device, you can stream Richmond's Classic Hits anytime! Here's how:

First time streaming?*


Option 1: Say "Alexa, ENABLE the one-oh-one-seven The Point Skill".

Option 2: Visit our Alexa Skill page on Amazon and Enable the skill.


Now, anytime you want to listen to 101.7 The Point, just say, "Alexa, play one-oh-one seven The Point"

*If you have previously streamed 101.7 The Point using your Alexa device, you will need to re-enable the skill as we have updated our streaming service. 

  1. Click this: 101.7 The Point : Alexa Skills
  2. The page will look like the graphic below. Look to the right for MANAGE THIS SKILL. It will either show “Enable Skill” or “Disable Skill.”
    • If it shows “Enable Skill” – click it and try your Alexa in a few minutes.
    • If it shows “Disable Skill” – click it. Refresh the page and then click “Enable Skill”. Then try your Alexa in a few minutes.   

You can also stream us directly, using a web browser, by clicking the red "Listen Live" button at the top of our website or visit this link:


Need additional help? Email me at