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Dave Paxton

Dave Paxton, the Program Director of 101.7 The Point, is a native of little Liberty Indiana. He worked for that “other” station a long, long time ago doing a little of everything – including mornings and play-by-play for county high school sports. He still fills in doing volleyball and basketball when needed for IU East, and hosts a monthly show “Access to the Arts” on WETV Channel 20. He is married to the girl he met at Richmond Civic Theater and they have two girls, one following her Dad’s path through Indiana University and another finishing up high school. If it’s IU, Pacers, Reds or Bengals he’s ready to talk to you. He’s a marching band fan and loves U2, The Cure, The Police, Queen and all current alternative music. Follow him on Twitter and catch his show during the Afternoon Drive from 2pm-7pm!


Sadie enjoys short walks on the beach that preferably end with food and drinks. She also likes critters, pirates, coffee, boating, comedies, The Beatles, photography, sleeping, concerts, and German beer. Probably her finest moment came when she learned how to play Hungry Hungry Hippos by herself; appropriating different limbs to different hippos. Sadie is bad at math and spent too much time alone as a child. But what she lacks in numerical knowledge she makes up for in useless knowledge. Don’t go up against her in trivia; she'll destroy you. She also has a passion for animals and animal rescue. To date, Sadie has fostered over 40 dogs and cats.

Kelley Cruse-Nicholson

Kelley, formally known as a co-host on Kelley & Ray today as well as GET UP with Kelley and Eric, is now taking on weekends! You can catch 'Kelley's Jams' on Saturday's from 5pm-10pm and on Sundays from 7pm-12am. With her iconic taste in music, you'll definitely not want to miss her show! Playing all those classic throwbacks you want to hear and so. much. MORE! Be sure to send in your song requests using our mobile app. We're looking for all the Dance Party vibes!

Chris Daulton

Chris is a Richmond resident and hosts the popular podcast "After 2 Beers". Chris will play the classic hits every Saturday, 9 am - 2 pm, and Sunday, 2 pm - 7 pm. Make sure to tune in this weekend and hear him try to figure out how to work everything! Welcome Chris!

Jeff Lane

News Director Jeff Lane

Tom Kent