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Kelley and Ray Today

Kelley & Ray TODAY is Wayne County's brand new morning show! It's the brainchild of longtime Richmond resident Kelley Cruse-Nicholson and longtime wisenheimer Ray Wagner.

Kelley brings years of experience helping the citizens of Richmond in her capacity as a social worker, city councilperson and broadcaster. Ray brings a U-Haul full of possessions he knows he doesn't need but can't bring himself to throw out. "It's not hoarding yet," he said, "but it's too close."

He went on to say, "I actually tape that show, Hoarders. I haven't watched any of them, but I have them all" but it's unclear why he wouldn't stop talking about this subject.

The best way to get to know Kelley and Ray is to listen to them weekday mornings from 6-9a on Richmond's Classic Hits station, 101.7 The Point.
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Dave Paxton

Dave “Kirk” Paxton is a native of little Liberty Indiana. He worked for that “other” station a long, long time ago doing a little of everything – including mornings and play-by-play for county high school sports. He still fills in doing volleyball and basketball when needed for IU East, and hosts a monthly show “Access to the Arts” on WETV Channel 20. He is married to the girl he met at Richmond Civic Theater and they have two girls, one following her Dad’s path through Indiana University and another finishing up high school. If it’s IU, Pacers, Reds or Bengals he’s ready to talk to you. He’s a marching band fan and loves U2, The Cure, The Police, Queen and all current alternative music. Follow him on Twitter.

Jen Steele

Born a Canadian, but a Southerner at heart, Jen has worked all over the southeast, doing news in cities like Birmingham, AL, Charleston, SC and Memphis, TN for over 15 years. She has two lovely daughters and two lovely, but insane, cats. Jen's favourite artists include the Kinks, Blondie, and DEVO. She also likes pie.
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