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The Point Blog Archives for 2021-02

You Can Now Get A Master's Degree in The Beatles

The University of Liverpool has opened a new Master's Degree program, based on The Fab Four's impact on the music industry and Great Britain.

The Master in the Beatles: Music Industry and Heritage is being offered to students already studying music and creative industries.

The program opens this year to coincide with the opening of LIverpool University's Tung Auditorium in the Yoko Ono Lennon Centre, which will bring music and cultural opportunities to the birthplace of The Beatles.

One class will look at the impact The Beatles had on tourism.

Metallica Vinyl Sales Most Popular in 2020

Metal fans are a big reason for vinyl's sales success in 2020. and MetalSucks broke down the numbers:

  • Alice in Chains' Facelift was owned by over 3,400 Discogs users, making it the most owned 2020 release.
  • The Crow Soundtrack was the most owned piece of movie vinyl, with 2240 having it in their collection.
  • If you look at the most owned metal vinyl regardless of which year it was released, more people (over3,400) owned Tool's Lateralus.
  • The most expensive piece of metal vinyl, regardless of its release year, was Metallica's Ride The Lightning Limited Edition LP in Red, which cost $3,373.48.

Metallica also showed up more time on any vinyl list than any other metal artist, showing up ten times across three lists.

Dave Grohl and his Mom are Getting A TV Series

Virginia Grohl's book, From Cradle to Stage: Stories from the Mothers Who Rocked and Raised Rock Stars, is getting its own Paramount+ TV series, hosted by the author and her son, Foo Fighters' front man Dave Grohl.

It looks like six non-scripted episodes have been ordered and Dave Grohl will not only co-host, but will direct From Cradle to Stage, too.

Cradle to Stage shares stories from mothers who "rocked and raised" insanely famous musicians like Dr. Dre, Amy Winehouse and R.E.M.'s Michael Stipe.

Don't Put Your Food In The Snow If Your Power Goes Out

With most of the country dealing with cold weather, some parts are experiencing power outages.
The USDA doesn't think it's a good idea to take your food out of the fridge and put it in the snow to keep it cold. 

There is a whole section about this on the USDA website. Someone asked, "A snowstorm knocked down the power lines, can I put the food from the refrigerator and freezer out in the snow?"

The answer is "no" for many reasons. First, the sun's rays could thaw out the food even if it's freezing outside. Also, temperature levels might vary, and that could compromise the food. 

Don't forget; there are all kinds of bugs and animals that can also get into your vittles. 

So what do you do if your power goes out and you don't want to lose your stocked fridge? Don't panic! A refrigerator can hold its temperature for four hours if unopened. A full freezer can maintain coldness for 48 hours. 

You could also get some dry or block ice to put inside. How about placing a bucket or bowl of water outside to let it freeze and then putting that inside the refrigerator? That can also work. 

Adam Sandler Recreates Iconic 'Happy Gilmore' Drive On Movie's Anniversary

On the 25th anniversary of "Happy Gilmore" one of the greatest golf movies EVER, Adam Sandler hit the links to recreate his old protagonist's iconic swing -- and it was epic!!

Adam dusted off his clubs, explained that this was the first time he's taken the old 3-step approach to hit a tee shot in a quarter of a century, and then launched a golf ball into outer space!!!

Shooter McGavin, this is for you," Adam said, before piping the shot. "I'm not lying to you. That is smashed. Smashed. That went pretty well. You're dead, Shooter!"

He shared the video clip on Twitter:
"Happy loves you all! Thanks for everything!," he captioned the post. 
Social media loved it!
Ben Stiller wrote, "That’s a beautiful swing Mr. Gilmore. Congrats on your anniversary, and being such a loving grandson. So happy to be a small part of taking good care of her during her “golden years”. ????"
The PGA Tour got in on the fun: "Harness. Energy. Block. Bad. You inspired a generation, Happy."
"Gold jacket, Green jacket, who gives a ????!," wrote Buffalo Wild Wings.

Shooter McGavin himself even responded. Actor Christopher McDonald stays in character the whole time!



You Can Get Your Golden Girls-Loving Valentine A Dozen Red 'Roses' For Their Yard

Nothing sparks romance more than waking up Valentine's Day to a dozen Betty Whites gracing your front yard. knows what's up - so that's why they are offering up a "Roses" kit that comes with 12 Roses, Betty White's character from the hit 80's TV show Golden Girls, for you to decorate someone's yard.

The website promises that you'll have "everything you need to ding-dong-ditch these for your special someone this Valentine's Day."

Now, we know 12 Betty Whites really are priceless but if you want this kit you can order from Prime Party's website for around $80.

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