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This Is the Worst Alcoholic Drink for Your Body, Say Experts

So, you plan to knock back a few drinks as you say "goodbye" to 2020?  Well, if you're looking to do the least amount of damage to your body, and even reduce the likelihood of a major hangover, health experts say you should stay away from mixed drinks.

Leslie Bonci, the sports dietician for the Kansas City Chiefs said, "Mixed drink are more problematic. They have more alcohol in them, the mixers will drive up the calories, and... we know that the new guidelines are one drink-a-day for women and two for men. Several mixed drinks contain the equivalent of five shots of alcohol, which is the equivalent of five drinks."

The absolute worst mixed drink to avoid?  The Pina Colada. To put it in perspective; a Pina Colada has around 650 calories.  A McDonald's Big Mac has less than that at only 576 calories!  One eight-ounce serving has 40 grams of sugar!

Two other mixed drinks high in calories and sugars?  The margarita and the Long Island iced tea. 

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