Richmond Red Devil Wrapup

Thursday night, the Red Devils traveled to Brookville for their final game of the regular season. Both the Red Devils and the Wildcats of Franklin County High School had just won upset victories the Friday before, and were looking for a final victory to head into Sectional play with momentum.

The Red Devils would strike first, nailing a 3 off the tip, and the lead never changed during the entire game.  The Red Devils did try a few new plays, and there was a bit of miscommunication during the first quarter, but after the 2nd quarter started, the Red Devils firmly planted themselves in the driver seat and drove all the way to the finish line.  The Red Devil’s largest point differential was 14 points, hitting that number 3 times, during the 2nd quarter, and late in the 4th. Give credit to Franklin County, they hung right with the Red Devils and made it a game, somewhat lopsided but a game non the less. They never allowed Richmond to comfortably run away with the game.

One of the things learned from this game, is to not get comfortable. The Red Devils know they can overcome adversity. Heck, they’ve done that since the beginning of February. But, now that March is here, any team can win at any moment. And the loser? Pack your bags, the ride ends.  This game hopefully illustrated to the team that they must play the full 32 minutes of basketball. If this Red Devil team does that, then this March could be a very fun one!

Final Score 50-36

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