Richmond Red Devil Wrapup

Friday night the Kokomo Wildkats came to Tiernan bound and determined to ruin Richmond’s Valentine’s night.  Richmond started off slow, allowing Kokomo to strike first. In fact, Richmond played Kokomo’s tempo throughout most of the first quarter, before starting to kick on the jets. They finished the quarter 11-7. Once the 2nd quarter kicked off, and Kokomo hit a quick bucket, Richmond kicked on the Jets and never looked back. They finished the half up by 10, the 3rd up by 17, and won by 26. 62-36.

Not only did Richmond find their groove with Ty Harris as a starter, but they also celebrated Coach Baz’s 200th Career win, in their final night at the Tiernan Center this season.


The very next night, The Red Devils hit the road to Logansport, their farthest road trip by one mile. (Harrison is the next furthest, followed by McCutcheon and Lafayette Jeff) The Berry Bowl, home to Felix the Cat, was anything but hospitable, as the Berries wanted to cool a Red-Hot Red Devils team, that was on an 8 game win streak. 

It appeared, that the Berries came prepared to extinguish Richmond, as they commanded the 1st quarter. The quarter ended 8-5 with the Berries in the lead.  We use the expression that “the teams are almost like boxers, feeling each other out in the first round.” That’s exactly what the Red Devils were doing, and they started to command the hardwood, and forced Logansport to play Richmond’s game.  The Red Devils went into intermission up by 11 28-17, finished the 3rd up by 15 42-27, and defeated the Berries up 20 70-50.


In both games, the JV squad came out to finish both games, although they came out a bit earlier in the Kokomo game.  Both games taught the Red Devils a lesson: They must play a full 4 quarters of a game. They can’t let off the gas at all, or else their win streak could end.  After pulling a victory in Logansport, they had just one more NCC rival to play, and that team is arguably the hardest team they have faced all year. But on a 9 game win streak, this Red Devil team is ready for the challenge.

Final score Kokomo:  62-36
Final score Logansport: 70-50

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