Richmond Red Devil Wrapup

Thursday, the Red Devils made the trip to Anderson to face the Indians who, just like Muncie Central, are North Central Conference rivals and a potential sectional opponent.  The young Indians ball team had only won one game before Thursday but looking at the scores of those games, hadn’t been blown out. In fact, several games were very close.  Also, for the Red Devils, they would be without Drew Kroft and Jordan Stole. The Devils had their work cut out for them.

Richmond’s starters included Rafael Deane and Ty Harris filling in for Kroft and Stole. That wasn’t even the strangest incident to start this game. Anderson was called for a Technical Foul before the game even tipped. We were never clued into what exactly happened, but Richmond started out with Harris at the free throw line shooting 2. He hit one to start the game. After a few Richmond buckets, Anderson started a fierce attack. The young Indian team, who had a chip on their shoulder wanted to prove to the Red Devils that they had the drive to win.  Richmond and Anderson went back and forth throughout the first half, and went into intermission 23-22, with the Devils in a slight advantage.

The 2nd half, fortunes for the Red Devils started to improve, as they started a slow drive pulling away from the Indians on the scoreboard. Richmond’s upperclassmen, proving to the underclassmen on both teams what discipline was. Passing around the arc until shots opened up, OR until the perfect opportunity to drive the lane presented itself.  With about a minute left in the game, and Richmond up 66-47, Tyton Newton grabbed a rebound, and took it into the front court. And with the Indians looking dejected, he allowed the clock to expire, giving Richmond it 7th win in a row, and 12th on the season.

This victory was huge for the Red Devils. Not only did it extend their win streak, but it proved that the Red Devils could win even when the chips were stacked against them. They defeated the 4th possible sectional opponent they’ve encountered this season.  This team has four more games before the post season starts, and if they continue to trust in Coach Baz, and in each other, they could have a fun month of March.

Final score 66-47

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