Richmond Red Devil Wrapup

Saturday, the only Ohio opponent on the schedule, the Northmont Thunderbolts came to Tiernan to face off with the Red Devils. Last year’s contest, in the Thunderdome, resulted in a Richmond victory in overtime, and Northmont wanted to end Richmond’s 2 game win streak.

That didn’t happen. Richmond won the tip scored first, and put the hammer down. Here are the total points scored in each quarter: 1st 20-7, 2nd 20-13, 3rd 14-10, 4th 25-14. Richmond outscored Northmont every quarter in the game. Scoring, for the most part was even for the Red Devils throughout the game.

With 2 minutes left in the game, Coach Baz subbed in the entire JV squad, and they secured the victory for the Red Devils. This victory was huge. It extended the win streak to 3, which is the longest win streak of the season so far. It also brought the season above .500 in the Wins/Losses column.

Final Score 79-44.

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