Richmond Red Devil Wrapup

Friday the Muncie Central Bearcats came to Tiernan to face off with the Red Devils.  This game was big for several reasons. A) It was a North Central Conference matchup. B) It was a potential sectional match up. C) Winning this game would bring the Red Devils back to .500.  The Bearcats had won in Muncie last year at Muncie Southside (played there due to the fact that the North Walnut Street Fieldhouse was still undergoing repairs from tornado damage the year before) and the Red Devils knew, to get any traction on the season, they had to win at home this evening.

Muncie Central would strike first with a three ball. What was dangerous, is that Muncie nailed quite a few threes. In fact, Richmond’s zone prevented Muncie from driving the paint, so they relied on the 3 shot, and kept making them. One man who hadn’t averaged more than 4 points a game was Demar Woods-Haskins.  He lit up the board Friday.

The trying task for the Red Devils, was that everytime they had a statement for the Bearcats, Muncie Central returned a shot. In fact, the Devils tied up the game 9 separate times, and they didn’t take the lead in the game until very late in the 4th quarter. The Bearcats got close to tying it up, but Tytan Newton hit a layup with just a few seconds left on the clock to seal the victory for the Red Devils

Final score 56-53

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