Richmond Red Devil Wrapup

Friday night the New Castle Trojans came to Tiernan to face off with the Red Devils. The Trojans had beaten the Red Devils last year at Tiernan, and Richmond was determined not to let that happen again.  Unfortunately, history would repeat itself.

One of the main reasons Richmond played “off” was because of the injury and flu bug. Starter Tytan Newton was out due to an illness, and Ty Harris, and Rafael Deane were out due to minor injuries. It was just three guys, but three very important guys. Tytan Newton is a starter, and the spark to the team. Deane and Harris are the “6th man” off the bench. With those three out, Coach Baz had to improvise. The first step was to select a starter, and that man was Messiah Tyler.  Tyler held his own on the court, but it had been a while since he had seen Varsity game time.  Also Trenton James, Dorian Hill, and Levon Jordan would interchange as subs, those three having played directly before in the JV game.

Richmond would strike first, and would keep the lead until just before the end of the first quarter. New Castle would score to wrap up the first quarter, and would keep the lead for the rest of the game.  Richmond would trail New Castle, at one point by 17 points in the 4th quarter, and would end the game with a 14 point loss.

Final score, 54-40

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