Richmond Red Devil Wrapup

The Dragons of New Pal invaded the Tiernan Center Friday Night. A game that was rescheduled due to the Dragon Football Team’s State Championship, saw a bit of drama in the 1st half. Richmond scored first off the tip, like thy normally do, but it was New Pal’s Maximus Gizzi who nailed a 3 for New Pal. New Pal would lead into the 2nd quarter, but Richmond nailed a 3 to take the lead, and would never let it go.

The Red Devils at one point in the 4th lead by 13 points, but New Pal was able to claw their way back to make a close game, trailing by just 1 point with less than 2 minutes to go. Richmond changed strategies and would force New Pal to foul, which would send them to the line. The points from the charity strip ensured Richmond’s victory, bringing the Red Devils to 4-6 on the season.

One of the things Coach Baz and I talked about, and we could see on the floor, was Richmond’s focus on closing out games, and working on that in practice. The victory was a huge boost for the team’s morale. They put another W in the column, but also won against a potential Sectional opponent. The win would also boost their confidence for the long trip to Marion on Saturday.

Final Score, 60-55

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