Richmond Red Devil Wrapup

The Arsenal Tech Titans visited the Tiernan center on Friday for another North Central Conference showdown. Both the Red Devils and Titans were at 2-2 on the season, and this was a game that favored Richmond on paper.

But, there is a difference between paper, and the court.

Richmond started aggressively, scoring 4 unanswered points before Tech was able to get on board. Tech’s first points came from the charity stripe, which would end up being something that would hurt the Red Devils later in the game. Tech trailed until the very end of the 1st quarter, when they would take the lead, 15-14.  They would never let it go.

Richmond’s biggest issue was the fact that Tytan Newton, Andrew Kroft, and Jordan Stole all ended up in foul trouble early in the game. In fact, both teams raked up 50 fouls between the two of them.  Tytan Newton, and Jordan Stole fouled out during the game, and Drew Kroft ended the game with 4 fouls.  Tech also had several players in foul trouble as well, but no one wearing a black jersey fouled out Friday Night.

I can’t finish this blog without giving credit to Koream Jett and Cleevas Craig. Both fought hard against Tech, taking leadership of the team, especially after Newton and Stole fouled out. Jett, you almost expect that he will 110% on the court every night, and he did exactly that. Craig really focused on using his size to overwhelm the Tech chances on the glass. Unfortunately, it was just wasn’t enough.  Richmond fell to Arsenal Tech, 62-57.

One final note, Friday night was Silent Night at the Tiernan Center. The entire crowd is expected to stay quiet until one team scores 10 points. Friday was the 3rd year that Richmond had a Silent Night game, and for the 3rd year in a row, Koreem Jett was the man responsible for sending Tiernan into hysterics by scoring that 10th point. Not bad for the 3rd year varsity player.

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