Richmond Red Devil Wrapup

This had been a matchup that fans hadn’t seen in a decade.  The last time Hagerstown played Richmond in basketball was December 19th, 2009, just 13 days shy of being 10 years to the day exactly. The 2A Tigers just weren’t a match for the 4A Red Devils who were out to prove the loss to Jay County a week ago was a fluke.

Drew Kroft started early putting up points for the Red Devils with a 3, 8 seconds into the game. In fact, Drew Kroft scored a 3 off the tip, Tytan Newton stole the ball and picked up a layup, and stole the ball again, passed over to Kroft who nabbed another 3. All within 40 seconds.  That set the tempo for the entire night.  The closest Hagerstown ever came to leading this game, was at the tip when the score was 0-0.

To Hagerstown’s credit, they did slow down the tempo in the 2nd quarter.  Collin Romack, Branton Payne, and Silas Parsons did nab a few buckets here and there, but it was too little to late. Richmond defeated Hagerstown by 30 points and set their sights on East Central, who would be visiting The Tiernan Center the very next night.

Final score: 74-44.

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