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(Wayne County, IN)--There’s been no official word from any governmental agency in Wayne County yet after the Health Board recommended an indefinite extension of the mask mandate on Wednesday.  Each agency will have the final call about whether or not to allow a mask mandate to expire this coming Tuesday.  Richmond Mayor Dave Snow indicated that he is taking the recommendation under consideration.  Only three other counties in all of Indiana have said they’ll extend the mask mandate and they are all counties with much larger populations.  There are currently 34 Indiana counties with higher positivity rates and case counts than Wayne County that will allow the mandate to expire on Tuesday.  Here are some of the reasons the Wayne County Board of Health voted 4-2 to recommend an extension of the mask mandate that will expire statewide on Tuesday.  Board Member Jon Igelman said "One of these days it’s going to mutate into something really bad."  Board President Paul Rider said that there’s no way to know how long vaccinations will last.  97% of Indiana’s other 91 counties disagree and will allow the mandate to expire.  Bob Coddington and Pete Zaleski are the two health board members who voted against extending the mandate.

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