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7 Signs Your Phone Runs Your Life

I'll talk about this on the show this morning in the 7 AM hour but here are 7 signs that your phone runs your life. 


Kelli Smith from The Muse has the list:


1. You Sleep With It

You need an alarm clock, obviously. But is that really the reason your phone’s in your bedroom? Or, do you want to “just peek” at Twitter when you’re trying to fall asleep?


2. You Check it First Thing Each Day

Do you reach for your phone before you even open your eyes in the morning? Do you see news that instantly stresses you out? How about an email from your boss? If that sounds familiar, you may want to re-think how you’re starting your days.


3. You Have it in Your Hand at All Times

If you’re that person who takes their phone with them everywhere they go—yes, your colleagues see you carrying it with you to the bathroom—then you need an incentive to let it go (cue the song from Frozen).


4. You’re Constantly Charging It

You swear that you’re only checking email and texts, but you keep running out of juice before noon. Constantly being out of battery is a sure sign that you’re on that thing way too much.


5. You Get Notifications for All Your Apps

It’s time to be honest with yourself. Do you really have to hear about every post, message, or tweet right now? When you think about it, I bet you’ll realize that most of them (maybe even all?) aren’t exactly urgent.


6. You Imagine it Beeping and Buzzing When It’s Not

You swear you’re not crazy, and yet you keep pulling your phone out of your pocket because you felt something that seemed a lot like a notification.


7. Your Notification Badges Are Always at Zero

Don’t be offended. I’m not saying that you don’t have notifications because you don’t have friends. But I’ve seen this in myself—I never have any little numbers on my home screen because I rush to check every one as soon as it pops up.



If you want the "fixes" for these issues check them out with Kelli's article here.