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The Wake Up Call

A Message From Facebook Boosted Voter Registration

It was just a simple message from Facebook but it booster voter registration across the country!


From the New York Times "

A 17-word Facebook reminder contributed to substantial increases in online voter registration across the country, according to top election officials.


At least nine secretaries of state have credited the social network’s voter registration reminder, displayed for four days in September, with boosting sign-ups, in some cases by considerable amounts. Data from nine other states show that registrations rose drastically on the first day of the campaign compared with the day before.

“Facebook clearly moved the needle in a significant way,” Alex Padilla, California’s secretary of state, said in an interview on Tuesday.


[A list of states where you can still register to vote is here.]

In California, 123,279 people registered to vote or updated their registrations on Friday, Sept. 23, the first day that Facebook users were presented with the reminder. That was the fourth-highest daily total in the history of the state’s online registration site. Indiana similarly recorded its third-highest daily online registration total ever."