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The Wake Up Call

This theory about Grease gave me chills and they're multiplying!

Okay, look. I gotta a lot on my mind. Presidential politics, Global climate change, how to pay for kids' college and funding my own retirement.

I DO NOT have time to ponder if Danny died while trying to save Sandy, but yet I think this will take over the conversation at work today


NME has the theory and it's kind of crazy "A new fan theory on Reddit has speculated that either Danny or Sandy were dead for most of Grease.

According to the theory, there are clues scattered throughout the 1978 film, not least that the flying car is a metaphor for a dying Sandy ascending to Heaven.

The theory states that the plot strands of the film end too happily, with Rizzo not pregnant after all and Kenickie deciding that he does love Rizzo. “Everything is suddenly OK, just the way sweet Sandy would have wanted it to be.”

What do you think? Could it be true?!