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Born a Canadian, but a Southerner at heart, Jen has worked all over the southeast, doing news in cities like Birmingham, AL, Charleston, SC and Memphis, TN for over 15 years. She has two lovely daughters and two lovely, but insane, cats. Jen's favourite artists include the Kinks, Blondie, and DEVO. She also likes pie.

Phil Collins Was Trending for a GOOD Reason

I always get nervous when I see a celebrity’s name trending on Twitter, but in this case it was for a happy reason.  Twins Tim and Fred Williams, from Gary, Indiana, have been creating listening videos on YouTube for a while now, and at first they started with music they were familiar with, rap and hip hop.  Until someone challenged them to listen to Sinatra, which led to them branching out to other artists and genres.


Someone recently discovered their listening video for Phil Collins’s In the Air Tonight, and it turned out to be magic.  Wait for the drum break…




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