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Jen Steele

Indiana Medical Weight Loss Update #4

It’s been a week since my last weigh-in and body composition analysis at Indiana Medical Weight Loss, and I’m still making progress!  The most exciting thing over the last few weeks has been other people noticing the changes. I admit, I like the double-takes I get from people who haven’t seen me in a while, who suddenly notice I look different.




When I started back in September these were my stats:


Height: 5 ft 4.2 inches


Weight 201.3 lbs


BMI: 34.3 (Obese)


Percent Body Fat:  44.6%


On November 4th, these were my stats:


Weight:  184.8


BMI: 31.6


Percent Body Fat:  40.7


I also lost more fat around my midsection, which is called “visceral fat”, and it’s that stuff that hangs out around your organs.  It’s definitely not good, but when I started, I was carrying 20 pounds of visceral fat. I’m now at 16 pounds, which is exciting, because it’s another way to know I’m getting healthier.


What was even more exciting, was my blood pressure.  I know that seems like a weird thing to be excited about, but for the past year, I’ve been on blood pressure medication.  My highest was 148/95, but now it’s 112/72, and I’m off the meds! In just two months!  


I’ve slowly been adding in workouts, as I mentioned last month, including more body weight exercises.  I was nervous to add them in, because my joints used to hurt so much, but shedding the weight has made it easier to exercise, and it helped me put on a pound of muscle in four weeks.


One of the things I appreciate about the Path to Success Program at Indiana Medical Weight Loss is the body composition analysis.  It’s helped me focus on things besides just losing weight. During my visit in October with Dr. Braff, she mentioned I had lost a little muscle in addition to fat over the course of that month, and that it was important that I work on building more muscle to help keep my metabolism going.  Being able to see those numbers in black and white helped motivate to get to working out.  


I’ve discovered that weight loss is about much more than just dropping pounds, or fitting into smaller clothes.  The benefits to my health have been so profound in what seems like such a short amount of time, it's mind-blowing. My blood pressure is better, I’m sleeping better, I have more energy, my joints don’t hurt all the time.  I have four weeks left to go in the program, and I really appreciate the support I’ve had from Dr. Braff and her staff, but also the support from all of you who’ve been following along.


By the way, my weight this morning at home: 182.1.  Which means I have less than a pound to go to have lost 20 pounds. 

For a little reference, the picture below is me holding a scale model of five pounds of fat.  I've now lost more than three of those.



Just so you know, I’m getting to do this program for free in exchange for my testimonial.


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