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Jen Steele

Indiana Medical Weight Loss Update #3

Just so you know, I’m getting to do this program for free in exchange for my testimonial.

It’s been a few weeks and I’ve been following the diet plan laid out for me by Dr. Braff at Indiana Medical Weight Loss.  I had my one month follow up about a week ago, and I’m still processing my progress.


When I started, these were my stats:

Height: 5 ft 4.2 inches

Weight 201.3 lbs

BMI: 34.3 (Obese)

Percent Body Fat:  44.6%


On October 7th, these were my stats:

Height: 5 ft 4.2 inches (sadly, I didn’t get any taller!)

Weight: 189.9

BMI: 32.4 (Obese)

Percent Body Fat: 43.1

I lost almost 12 pounds in just one month, and this morning when I weighed myself at home, I was 187.4, so almost another two pounds down!  The biggest thing for me was losing inches as well, two inches off my waist and my hips, dropping me a dress size. Never have I ever been so glad that I’ve kept a lot of my old clothes.  My husband was also happy I didn’t have to shop for new clothes, but I think I will eventually.


Here’s a side-by-side comparison of the beginning of my first month, and today:


Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been learning how to reintegrate regular food with my new, healthier lifestyle.  I did celebrate a birthday at the end of September, and yes, I indulged in cake and wine, but it was surprisingly easy to not OVERindulge. 


I’ve also added exercise to my day, every day, by taking short walks during my lunch break.  Dr. Braff stressed the importance of adding more physical activity, which has always been a challenge for me, because of the hours I work! Right now, the Cardinal Greenway, and walks around my neighborhood, have been good.  Over the next couple of weeks, I will be adding in weight training a few times a week, so that I don’t start losing muscle in addition to fat.


So far, this has been an amazing journey, and I still have seven weeks left to go! The biggest lesson I’ve learned so far? That it’s okay to take time for myself, to take care of myself. 


 My next challenge?  Getting through the holidays!  


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