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NMT: What's New This Week

From the Music Director: New Music Tuesday!



We added a really nice of mix of music this week, from a party tune, to regretful love songs.




First up, The Chainsmokers, featuring HalseyWe brought you Halsey’s first single, Colors, a while back.  The Chainsmokers are a pair of DJ’s from New York, Andrew Taggart, and Alex Pall.  Their current album features several partnerships, like this one with Halsey. It’s a song about getting back with your ex, if just briefly. Great hooks, and a good mix of pop and EDM. The lyric video is below.










Next up is the latest from OneRepublic.  “Kids” is from their as-yet untitled fourth album, still to come. Wherever I Go, came out a couple of months ago, was supposed to be the first single, but the band now says this is the song to watch.  “Kids” is filled with nostalgia about growing up, and busting out of your hometown. Ryan Tedder, the band's front man, has written dozens of hits for other artists, including Adele. This is one of those songs that finds its way into your road-trip playlist.  Or it should, anyway.









Lastly, strap on your dancing shoes for Move, from Saint Motel.  This is on their upcoming album Saint Motelevision (cute, right?), due out in October.  "Move" is disco-y in the best possible way.  It sounds like lava lamps, shag carpeting and great horn licks, but brought into the 21st century.  Also, the video is super-trippy.  If you have the right browser, you can pan and scroll around in a 360-view! Play this at your next party. Disco ball (not) optional.








That's it for this week! Let us know what you like, and what you don't.  And if you've got suggestions, send them to me:


Coming up next week, some fun music from a British band called The Struts...