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The Point In HD

We are now on HD Radio allowing you to listen with digital quality!  You can start listening in your car now if it is equipped with an HD receiver, or at work or home on an HD radio!



No static. No hiss. Only the good stuff. HD Radio stations broadcast in clear digital quality to your local area making static, radio hiss and fuzz a thing of the past.

How do I know if my vehicle is equipped with HD Radio capabilities?

Look for the HD logo. HDRadioChances are, if your vehicle was made in the last few years, you will likely have HD Radio capabilities.  The technology for HD Radio is being added to more vehicles each year.  Every vehicle is different, so you’ll want to check your owner’s manual or talk to your dealer on how to use the HD technology in your car. There are currently 36 auto manufacturers that design their cars with HD Radio. 

What happens if I am not in range of the signal for HD Radio? 

Your HD Radio will switch over to the analog signal automatically.

How much does a HD Radio cost?

The only cost is for the HD receiver. Subscriptions to HD Radio are free, so you will never have a monthly bill!

Where can I find an HD Radio receiver?

Most electronic stores stock HD Radios for your car, home and portable models.